June 26, 2011

Wishlist Sunday 6/26

I didn't have the time to post my wishlist last Sunday since I was really busy. Forgive. :)

1. From the Lego Collection style 1002 of VIRTUAL MAE. The heels is 5-inches high but the platform lessens the arc and makes it pretty comfy.
2. The Golden Snitch necklace from WB SHOP. Since I am an absolute fan of Harry Potter, I lust for this. Who wouldn't want one? I obviously cannot play Quidditch so I guess owning this necklace would give me the closest feeling of playing one. Crafted in sterling silver with selective 24K gold plating, it comes complete with an 18-inch sterling silver chain. Necklace comes in a faux velvet bag tucked away in a box with the Hogwarts logo on it.

3. Caramel cake from ESTREL'S. Would anyone from Manila believe me if I said I haven't tasted this yet? I'm pitiful, I know :( But I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this bakery, and I haven't encountered any complaint or negative hearsays. I have a sweet tooth for caramels and cakes and combining the two, I think gluttony will follow. :D I would love to see my expression for my first bite! Can't wait to order from them really soon!

4. Sandy shorts in blue from COEXIST. This is just one of my many favorites in Coexist! I love how the shorts would seem like a skirt from afar. I am also a sucker for bubbly shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, and anything bubbly!

5. Booties from the Earth Collection style 810 of VIRTUAL MAE. Unfortunately, this is out of stock already even before I have discovered it. :( Only few people would like (or would dare?) to wear anything with animal prints on them and I am one of the few. I don't think it's too loud or something, it just has more details, and I love anything detailed instead of anything plain.


  1. Hi! I passed an award to you. :)

  2. i love caramel cake too! i definitely wear animal prints!i die for them btw great blog :)im your new follower! hope you;ll follow back

  3. Such a great wish list! I love the animal print detail shoe and I've been seeing it elsewhere on other bloggers internationally. And everyone must include Estrel's caramel cake, super yummy on their wish list - I'm craving for some! - Mar

  4. i love the first shoe in your wishlist. so cute and i love the color so much. just followed your blog. we got the same name! :D

    much love,

  5. @JesRoque Thank you for the award sweetie! :)

    @Peach Crush Wow, we do have a lot in common! will follow you too :D

    @Mar Have you already tried Estrel's? omg I'm craving again :D~~

    @Gellie Abogado Purple shoes are really attractive! will follow you too. GELLIEs rule!!! :D

  6. Love the purple shoes at the top hun!

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    BK Team xxx

  7. Love the shoes!!!! And you SHOULD try estrel's!!!


  8. That golden snitch necklace is also on my wish list. ;-)

    Cool blog. Just followed you.