June 13, 2011


Never judge a book by its cover. Gayuma ni Maria's exterior is way too different from the restaurant's interior. The outside appearance is not that 'appetizing' but once you get to the door, you will be bewitched. 
This black-headed man was assigned to welcome the customers.
The restaurant's interior was of an aphrodisiac concept. It seemed like the place was under a magic spell, that everything looks so enchanted.
They have this slogan on their wall, Forget ♥ -- I'd rather fall in chocolate. I might as well take this advice seriously. :)
They have magical books, as they may seem to me.
Now let's proceed to the food. One thing about this restaurant is that they gave hilarious names on their dishes. I even read all of them because it's fun.
First dish is called Exotic Lover. It is a pasta (spaghetti) with tulis fish from the mountains of the north cooked in rich olive oil and capers. It is served with bread.
Exotic Lover (P165)
The next dish is called Rock Me Baby. It can be served with rice or mashed potato, your choice. It is a Hickory Barbecue pork ribs served with vegetables and GAYUMA's famous mashed potato (or rice). The downside of this dish is the sauce. It tasted like an ordinary banana ketchup.
Rock Me Baby (P215)
This dish is called Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back. It is a cocoa crusted cream dory (and the first thing that came up my mind was Finding Nemo's Dory)-- with chocolate sauce. You'll never want to eat fish in any other way! The partial taste is chocolate, ending up with the fish taste. This is also served with rice. 
Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back (P225)
Next dish is Holding Hand While Walking Pa-Swing Swing Pa or H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. It is a crisp fried peppery chicken tender(s). It may look that simple but it tastes more than a simple chicken taste. It is saltier and crispier. It is served with rice and a banana ketchup. I prefer eating it without the ketchup.
H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. (P175)
My mom ordered Lumpiang Excited. It is a blushing pink (and it really is pinkish) lumpiang ubod with GAYUMA's special lumpia sauce. The wrapper is as sweet as a dessert. According to my cousin, it even tasted like leche flan.
Lumpiang Excited (P150)
For the dessert, we only ordered one cake since the meals were really heavy. Tall, Dark and Handsome is a GAYUMAtized good ol' chocolate cake--sometimes first loves never end. The cake reminds me of that particular Matilda scene were the fat student was punished to eat dozens of chocolate cakes. It seemed as if this was a slice coming from that Matilda cake. and did I already mention that the chocolate was so pure? It really is. I even felt dizzy (or sort of drunk?) after.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (P75)
There was a display of naughty items, and yes, they were for sale. An example is a pacifier forming a man's genital organ. One of the items was this apron. I would want to suggest that their servers should wear this one also as a way of promoting the item :)) hihi :))
After billing out, they would give their customers a strip of red cloth. In that cloth, wishes should be written and should be tied up on their wishing tree. Mine was wishFULL, and I mean it was full of wishes.
and to end the blog, you might want to try this gayuma routine (which was posted on Gayuma ni Maria's wall). I would wanna try this too out of curiousity.
Fire come from below,
Bring me love that I do know,
Make my heart blaze and shine,
To bring the love that will be mine!
Soon my love will come a day,
Three times strong and here to stay.

Contact number: (02) 441-4872
Address: 123 V. Luna Extension, Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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