December 17, 2011


This post will be updated every now and then, so always check the new items out! Have fun hoarding! :) 
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The Rocker Dream

Yes, I do have a lot of dreams that involves my career. haha. This time, I wanna share my dream of being a singer, may it be a rocker, an acoustic singer, or any singer that uses instruments, or even none, name it. I took guitar lessons during high school, but didn't pursue it further so I only know the basics. AT LEAST I know how to play a few songs. haha. and again, the see the desperation below :)

December 14, 2011

I'm Bringing Lacey Back

I realized that I looked so pale when I saw the photo, so I decided to put on a red lipstick  c/o NYX :)

December 07, 2011

Happy 3rd Month, Baby Boy!

Our baby boy Snitch just turned 3 months old last November 29, 2011! and because I (or we) love him sooooo much, I decided to blog about him!
We bought this chubby chubby puppy before his 2nd month, so it was our responsibility to finish all his injections and feed him healthy milk to make up for that of his mom's. He is the sweetest dog ever! He is fond of kissing anyone, even strangers! haha. All the while, I thought Chows are always lazy and bored, but Snitch is just so makulit, very very playful. and by the way, we named him after the famous Golden Snitch :))
Snitch's first day at home! (less than his 2nd month)

December 04, 2011

The Ballerina Dream

I have this deep thirst of being a professional ballerina, but I guess it's not the path for me :( Yes I dance, but not ballet. My bones are not flexible enough since I'm getting older already. haha. See my desperation through the photos below. :)))