June 12, 2011

Wishlist Sunday 6/12

Sunday is family time, God time, rest time, shopping time, movie time, mall time, and as for me, Sunday is wishlist time! Every Sunday starting today, I will be posting my top five shoes, clothes, food, or anything that I would badly (or desperately) want to have. I will also be posting the links to where you can buy these awesome products, just in case you would also suddenly crave for them.

1. Aqua-colored pumps from VIRTUAL MAE. This is from the Lego Collection style no. 1018. I love how the blue shade is so neon, that when you pass by a crowd, these pumps will be easily seen and will absolutely stand out. Totally an eye-catcher! 

2. Bertie Botts Beans from the MUGGLE SHOP. Since I am an avid Harry Potter fan, having these candies would be an achievement. You can experience the wonderment of flavors such as Booger, Spinach, Vomit and Dirt. There are also tasty flavors such as Banana, Tutti Fruitti and Toasted Marshmallow.

3. MAC Quite Cute Collection Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum. Just this past few weeks, I've converted myself from being a nude lipstick lover into a pink lipstick lover. See how neon the pink is with this lipstick? Perfect! I will be able to wear this everyday. Since I don't know any online store which accepts pre-orders for MAC (aside from Ebay), you can buy color dupes of this from NYX Cosmetics (which is beyond affordable) through the G VOGUE SHOP.

4. Bonnie top in Ecru and Piper skirt in style no. 119 from COEXIST. I love how the outfit is so flowy, and it seems very comfortable to wear. It also has this "princess-y" feel on it. and yes, since birth, I always wanted to be a princess :)

5. Cassandra peep toe in Cream from GOLD DOT. This style is so classy that it makes me want to wear it to work everyday. It has this one-of-a-kind style.


  1. Ohmygoodness! The first pair makes me wish I liked heels!! :-O

  2. @Michelle It doesn't make you wish, it makes you LIKE heels! :))