June 01, 2011


Famously known as NAMI ISLAND, this place was the filming location of the famous korean drama WINTER SONATA.
The main casts were Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun. 

This spot was where Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun also made each of their own snowman :)
…….the bridge where they had their first kiss.

This tree seemed familiar.

Some of my favorite spots…

This island was meant for couples. You can find lovers in every corner, most of them wearing couple shirts, shoes or bags. I don’t really bother because I also find the place very romantic. There were also hearts everywhere, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

and because singleness was in MY air (?), I just decided to play with the cherry blossoms once again.

LASTLY, Nami Island will not be complete without its famous lined trees bordering its unending-like pathway. Breathtaking, I must say.

I would be very ecstatic to come back, especially in autumn, since I would want to see a lot of colors for a change……. and maybe with someone along perhaps? HIHI :))

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