October 28, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Manila


One of the most Alive concerts I have been to!!! Six years after their debut, it was their first time ever to step foot in the Philippines, and I hope their experience here will never be forgotten. And as what they said, THEY WILL BE BACK!!! :) :) :) 

September 02, 2012

BER Months Are In Town

I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this September, October, November, December or the so-called 'BER months'. and yes, I can't wait!!!

I have been a loyal student of KCC (Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines) for two terms already and guess what? I enrolled for another term! This time for Basic Korean Class and Kpop Girls Dance Class where Choi Dasuri will be teaching. She is a former JYP Entertainment trainee and a choreographer of girl groups like the Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, 4 Minute and many more. Watch her as a back-up dancer in this Brown Eyed Girls' music video of Abracadabra here.

August 18, 2012

August 05, 2012

Junsu's Panda

Everytime I see a panda, I always think of Kim Junsu from 2PM. He has this crazy obsession over these cute creatures. Proof??? See below :p