June 01, 2011


Leona is located in a house converted into a restaurant. This  restaurant is (sort of) difficult to find since it's inside a village. Good thing is, my cousin is fond of researching about delish meals (and his body speaks of his fondness. haha) from underrated restos. and when I say underrated, I meant that they should be given more attention.

Since we had our lunch at around 2:00 PM already, the resto was absolutely empty, which made their service faster.
We were actually planning to order their roast chicken meal since it was definitely affordable. That would be 499, good for 4-5 people already. But a proof that a lot of people ate there for lunch at that day, all roast chickens meals were already not available. So we switched to individual meals.
Once seeing the Pork & Apple meal, I was like, whuuuuuttt??? (in an ecstatic way). The presentation of the meal was one of a kind. The bread was so tasty that my 'merienda needs' with that bread alone would already be satisfied. The sauce had a sweet taste that lasts longer on your tongue. Pork and apple is definitely a perfect combination. 

Anything with cheese (for me) is appetizing. Yes, I am a cheese freak. The (not so) spicy sauce surrounding the rice suits the cheese+chicken taste. Although the rice serving is not that plentiful, you would still end up burping with full satisfaction.

For the dessert, we were supposed to order the Apple Bavarian Torte. But then again, it was not already available. So we got the carrot cake. I actually hate carrots but I do love carrot cakes and cupcakes. This one also has a unique taste in it. The white frosting is to-die-for. It's creamy, and it's not that sweet to the point of hurting the throat. Yes, some cakes are THAT sweet. The cake also contained raisins, but I prefer eating the cake without those raisins. 

Overall, Leona Art Restaurant is a must-visit! Maybe I'll be coming back soon to try out their roasted chicken and I hope that on that day, it would already be available.
Leona Art Restaurant can be found at 45 Matimtiman St., Teacher’s Village, QC.
Contact Numbers: 929-7490; 400-7894


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