November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011: The ROBOTayaki Way

So where did I spend my Halloween?

Since two of my cousins from Cebu were here in Manila for a  very short time only, we decided to bring them to the place where every celebrity goes and talks about--- ROBOTayaki! On a Friday Night, Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out sponsored the Halloween Party and every partygoer was encouraged to wear something unusual aka a costume.

I came as the Devil’s Bride.
KARIMADON dress, COEXIST sheer skirt, GIBI heels, TOY KINGDOM  headdress, PENSHOPPE  wrist accessory

 I was stunned with ROBOT’s interior design. The lights, the floor, the tables, the bar. WOW. Every corner looked so elite! And I love how the light changes from time to time! 
photo from MabuhayGirl
photo from MabuhayGirl
photo from MabuhayGirl
Their bathroom is a huge disco ball!
photo from MabuhayGirl

The DJ Booth!
Thanks for covering 1/4 of my face, girl! :|

The night was flooded with fun, (really) good-looking guys, drinks..... and celebrities!
clockwise: actor Jake Cuenca, Radio Jock Sam Gogna, DJ and model Sanya Smith, and the guuurls
Guys with such baby faces, Ivan Dorschner and Elmo Magalona
Now meet THE owners of ROBOTayaki
'JOKER' Kenn Flores, boyfie of PBBUnli's Jessica Connelly
'SKELETON' Tom Yeung, who gave us free shots of Patron
'BATMAN' Chef Niño Laus 
and 'CONSTRUCTION WORKER' Tim Yap, with designer Charina Sarte, co-owner Tom Yeung, Robbie Becroft in white, and some friends.
Who run the world? GIRLS! :)
I will definitely be back so soon, ROBOT! Thanks for a fun night! (and fun is definitely an understatement) :D

Happy Halloween, guys! So how did you spend yours?


  1. I think the devil's bride idea is cute! :))

    Btw, please join my giveaway :)

  2. Wish I had a Halloween party to go to, too.

    Please join my giveaway :)

  3. That's one hell'a party! :D you look good on that costume dear! GOODTIMES! :)

    love your blog! Following you now! :)

  4. @Jenine Semilla It was actually an impromptu idea since we didn't plan beforehand of going to the party. hihi. Thanks!

  5. @Wonder Woman Halloween is not only all about parties. You can still enjoy it in some other way. But you'll go to one soon, dear! :)

  6. @Sushee Definitely! Everyone had a blast! Thank you! :) Followed your blog too!