September 02, 2012

BER Months Are In Town

I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to this September, October, November, December or the so-called 'BER months'. and yes, I can't wait!!!

I have been a loyal student of KCC (Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines) for two terms already and guess what? I enrolled for another term! This time for Basic Korean Class and Kpop Girls Dance Class where Choi Dasuri will be teaching. She is a former JYP Entertainment trainee and a choreographer of girl groups like the Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, 4 Minute and many more. Watch her as a back-up dancer in this Brown Eyed Girls' music video of Abracadabra here.

Another thing to look forward to are my upcoming Zumba Classes in Fitness First! I saw this promo in Deal Grocer then bought it without second thoughts! 

Lastly, the much awaited UAAP Cheerdance Competition. I'd place all my bets to my Alma Mater. Win or lose, it's the school you choose! haha Go USTe!!!

Meet my official school cheer photo since 2007. haha

Who wouldn't be excited for the Big Bang Alive Tour???? *screams* Six years after their debut, they're finally coming to the Philippines!!!!!!! I'm excited to see them perform right in front of my eyes. I'd be awe-strucked watching them dance Fantastic Baby and singing Haru Haru, Taeyang doing his Wedding Dress, and G-Dragon's One of a Kind and That XX (I hope they include them as they were just released. hihi)

Snitch's second experience of the Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Spalon. This is, by far, the most convenient pet grooming service there is!

I'll be going again to the country where half my heart is. Obviously, in South Korea. haha. I went there Spring last year with Family and now I'll be there in Winter with a friend. I hope everything goes well! (especially with the Visa *crosses fingers*)

and here comes the favorite month of many! I love Christmas. Can't explain how much, but I do really really love this season. Yes, I will be spending this with my Family :)

How about you? Tell me what you look forward to in BER! :)


  1. I wish we had a mobile pet grooming service here in Baguio :P

    (following you now via GFC, I hope you follow back as well :p)

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.