May 26, 2012


Being a fan girl is really difficult. It makes you want to buy everything that your bias wears/endorses. haha. and recently, Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior were chosen to be a part of the Bench family, a big clothing brand in the Philippines. 

So I bought the Sorry Sorry shirt, but the only available size was XXL. I guess I was not the only one fangirl-ing. haha. Anyways, I bought it out of desperation (and impulse), and since it was obviously too big for me, why not DIY? :)
Shirt from BENCH, Skirt from Thailand 
So I cut the sleeves,
and cut small strips at the bottom of the shirt that sooner formed Tassels
and forgive me for my no-makeup face. haha
Thank you, Lee Donghae () for encouraging me to buy the shirt!


  1. awesome diy project! would love to try that to my too-big clothes :P

    1. It's better to DIY than throw or not use the big clothes at all! hihi. Would love to see your DIY soon! :)