April 26, 2012

Koi Swimwear x Style Icons

I got invites from Jade and Lace of I Love Koi, and Tricia Gosingtian, so I brought the whole clan to the event. haha.
Just the thought of Koi Swimwear having a fashion show excites me, what more with them collaborating with the famous bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian, Patricia Prieto, and Stacy and Danah of the Plump Pinay??? Imagine my excitement.

Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places and Patricia Prieto of Paradigma. Didn't get the chance to have a photo with Stacy and Danah of The Plump Pinay :(
and here's the gang :) L-R: Roi, Royce, Benette, Moi, Giana and Bryan
bumped into my batchmate/OJT-mate/friend, Cathy. Bb. Pilipinas-material, eh? ;)
Here are some of Stacy and Danah's models wearing The Plump Pinay's swimsuit collection 
Inah with his brother (I assume. haha), and  a little bit of Moi.
Didn't have the opportunity to have a close-up photo with Patricia Prieto's designs since her muses were far from us :p I love love both designs!!! They accentuate one's body curves! The leopard print and violent shade made the swimsuit more appealing to the eyes :) 
Photo from Patricia Prieto's blog :)
Tricia's back view and as well as her muse's.
Tricia Gosingtian wears everything that I wish to wear!!! I love her love for collars, skirts, everything Japanese, Korean!!! I also always wanted to dress up like characters aka Cosplay. Never did I imagine that Lolita x The Beach can happen. Her collection is really refreshing!!! Amazeballs.

I with Tricia's slender and very pretty muses, Juliann and Victoria.
A close-up of Tricia's swimsuit designs. Very her! (the muses were even wearing pumps with  socks)
See the full collection of Koi x Style Icons HERE.

I love Koi! Everyone loves Koi!