March 18, 2012

BERLIN, GERMANY: Winter Wonderland

This post will be more of a photoblog. Why? Words can't explain how serene this place can be. :) But a quick one, Berlin will be very memorable to me. This is actually the first Europe country I have stepped foot on. It also made me experience my very first snow.
Now feast your eyes with these snowy photos :D (and by the way, almost everything in Berlin has dealt with Hitler :p)
Travel buddies, sister Bianx and cousin Jam, at the Berlinale Film Festival venue
Berlin bakers make the most delicious bread.
Death by chocolate.
Guys cycling sideways while the vehicle is moving forward. Coolio!
Hakescher Markt Train Station 
Holocaust Memorial-- where the murdered jews of Europe were buried. This is an interesting cemetery since no blocks have the same height. Either one is inches taller or shorter than the other. 
The great Berlin wall.
Berlin's bread killed me. I'm such a sucker for bread.
with Berlin Film Festival filmmakers :)



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    1. and believe me, it tastes better than it looks like. :) Thanks for the follow! will drop by your blog too.