December 07, 2011

Happy 3rd Month, Baby Boy!

Our baby boy Snitch just turned 3 months old last November 29, 2011! and because I (or we) love him sooooo much, I decided to blog about him!
We bought this chubby chubby puppy before his 2nd month, so it was our responsibility to finish all his injections and feed him healthy milk to make up for that of his mom's. He is the sweetest dog ever! He is fond of kissing anyone, even strangers! haha. All the while, I thought Chows are always lazy and bored, but Snitch is just so makulit, very very playful. and by the way, we named him after the famous Golden Snitch :))
Snitch's first day at home! (less than his 2nd month)     

I love it when he sleeps! He looks so fluffy! In his favorite sleeping position: the Froggy pose
Snitch is two months old!
Snitch's first pair of socks! YAY!!!
Snitch is 3 months old!!!
and his new habit?
Staring in front of the fan or the aircon. Blame global warming. haha
Three months and counting! I love you babyyyyy boooooy!