July 22, 2011

Office Diaries: Choco Chip Cookies

Introducing my first pair from GOLD DOT!!! I have been lusting over GOLD DOT's collection ever since I landed on their page but unfortunately, I haven't bought even a single pair because I'm not complacent with the shoe sizes, until they joined the I'm Shoe In Love bazaar. I took the opportunity to find my size so that if ever I buy online, there's nothing to worry about. :) Going back, I love how the shoes look, and how the shoes fit. Chic, classy and comfy. 
STUDIO S pink blazer, TOPSHOP pants, GOLD DOT shoes
I have a sweet tooth for cookies, crinkles, cakes, brownies, name it. Yes, SWEET.
So on a random work day, my friend Drea gave me one big cookie, just because she wants to and because I nagged her for it. haha. Then I remembered that she once told me in college that her parents have this pastry business. When I tasted the cookie, I couldn't ask for more. Or should I say, I would want to ask for more? :D I immediately ping-ed her through the Office Communicator if they still accept orders. Without thinking twice, I placed one. Call me an impulsive buyer. Here is a half dozen of my cookies left (the other half have been eaten by me and have been given to another friend).
Craviiiiiiiiiing, are you? For orders, you may contact GOLDEN GOODIES or DREA GUINTO. One dozen of super big cookies costs only Php120. :)


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